Scandalous Pajamas

Just to warn you, this post will probably be a little surly. Not in a great mood right now.

Hello, all. Sorry for the recent lack of posts, I’ve been sick (as of yesterday) and so I’ve been stuck in the apartment doing nothing at all whatsoever, which isn’t too interesting to blog about. Just thought I would give you all an update. It wasn’t as hot today as it’s been while I’ve been here, it was raining and I’d say in the 70’s, but not sure. I didn’t think it was cold persay, just a nice cool temperature. My mom and sister thought it was really cold, and didn’t want me going outside much because I’m sick, despite the fact that it was barely cold. Our apartment has been incredibly hot, and I’ve been forced to sweat more (because I’m sick so apparently that’s the best thing to do, even though I don’t have a fever to my knowledge). Apparently my boxers-and-tanktop pajamas are not acceptable (who cares? I’m sleeping!) so my mom bought me these….uhm…well I would never ever wear them if I had it my way. They’re very large and pink. And the pants have pockets. The shirt has long sleeves and the pants are really long…they’re sort of made of a sweatpant material. Anyhow, they’re definately winter pajamas and it was very very hard for me to wear them last night…I tried to sleep for an hour and a half in them and couldn’t because I was too hot. Finally, I just got up and apologized and told my mom I was too hot, putting back on my old pj’s (although I compromised a little by putting on a t-shirt instead of spagetti strap). I read for a little bit, and as I was about to go on the computer I was told I had to at least wear the pants, which I did. And was still really really hot.

I’m just very sick of being cooped up in this apartment. I’ve left it three times in the last two days….all three times today, once for lunch at KFC, and the other two for short walks after dinner. I went on the first walk by myself because Sabrina was saying “it’s too cold, ” blah blah and I just really wanted to get out, so I did (I told her though, obviously). I was barely gone, had just turned the corner of our building, when she called me and told me to come back cause she would come with me. I told her I would wait at the bottom of the elevator for her…and it felt like I waited a while, it probably wasn’t too long, but whatever, and she wasn’t coming so I just went back on up. After being told to change (I was wearing short shorts, and was told that “I would be cold”, even though I had just been outside) so I put on longer shorts. And we walked. And Sabrina complained that it was cold. Not my fault she wore pajamas.

On our walk, I thought I saw a dead cat in the middle of the road.
Thankfully, it was just a black plastic bag.

I can hear someone playing “My Heart Will Go On” on the clarinet somewhere from outside my window. Everything is peaceful now.

One thought on “Scandalous Pajamas”

  1. Hope you are feeling better today. Just remember, “this too shall pass” and “tomorrow is a new day” Love, June

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