Making American School Look Good

Well, yesterday we all went to get our permits for living in Changsha. Apparently I don’t need one, so I honestly have no idea why I went…we just sat around the whole morning. Not that we don’t do that in school….at least I got to play Pokemon SoulSilver, although I’m stuck in this one cave (I always get stuck in caves) and it’s made me so angry I don’t want to play until I’ve looked up a guide online on how to get out! Anyhow, the real reason we all wanted to go was because Vala promised us we could go out to lunch! So NO SCHOOL FOOD (this truly is a cause for celebration). She told us we were going to a buffet….apparently a “Brazilian BBQ” buffet.
Now I’m no expert on Brazilian food, but I’m fairly sure that was not it. Sure, some of the meat MIGHT have also been served in Brazil…but chicken wings? They were very American-style. At the resturaunt there were many Chinese-favorite-fruits (such as watermelon and dragonfruit) and Chinese-favorite-desserts (mini tart-resembling items that vary in flavor and texture). I got myself some mini Eggrolls and some Chow Mein, and told Vala in America that was considered Chinese food. She became very confused. Moritz said that Germany considered that Chinese food also, and we laughed. They also had horrible excuses for french fries, a weird version of chicken nuggets which were on mini skewers and had sesame seeds in the batter (very delicious, if I do say so myself) and ice cream that looked Vanilla but was really citrus. There was a delicious Lichi-Strawberry juice, which I combined with Grape Soda to make…well, it was fabulous. Let me tell you that. Overall, the food itself was okay but not great, although still much better than school food. Man, today the school food was so bad I could only eat rice…the options to have with your rice were this flavorless I-don’t-know-what (it literally is like a slimy, yellowish slice of bland), overcooked oily eggplant with bones (usually the ‘meat’ is 75% bone, 20% fat, and 5% meat…if you’re lucky) and mysterious-orange-slices-that-aren’t-oranges (in oil, of course). There is so much oil in our school lunches that most of them appear to be served in a broth, if not soup. Makes American school food look, gasp, appealing! Sometimes. Thinking about Cal’s school food makes me want to barf too, but for different reasons. At least the meals there are recognizable…

Speaking of American school, my PE class last year was pretty lame. Although many people failed, it was because they put in no effort at all whatsoever and were thus punished for their lack of effort. I thought the girls in America who do the barely-a-jog-shuffle (as I call it), which is where you move your arms up and down and slightly bend your knees to appear as if you are jogging when really you’re just walking, are everywhere here. Literally every single girl in my PE class does not run. Or even attempt to look as if they’re running. It shouldn’t be too hard, I mean all our class consists of is everyone running one lap, then the boys playing basketball and the girls badminton, which they can’t even all do at the same time because there aren’t enough rackets. So I sprint, of course, and make everyone look bad. Especially two days ago when I forgot I had PE so I wore flipflops…the guys get to start running before us, so usually there’s a giant gap…let’s just say I went barefoot and beat a good number of them, despite my extreme disadvantage. I enjoyed myself.

Well apparently I have to go because we’re leaving the house THIS SECOND to go to another not-completely-disclosed location…I’ll be sure to tell you about more of my adventures as soon as I can!

3 thoughts on “Making American School Look Good”

  1. Miranda Berry! I love reading your stories! You are quite the talented writer!

    I can totally relate to the bone-meat-fat ratio of unidentifiable meat. I had that same problem in India. But wait – chow mein isn’t Chinese food? Oh well, ignorance is bliss I suppose.

    I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for your going away party. I yelled at my staff the whole day/night long just to take my annoyance out on them for missing it. Unfortunately kitchen life has got me seriously tied down at the moment and so does my 6 day work schedule.

    Much love to you! Keep writing….

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