Kumquat Trash Ice..mmm, yum

Once again, my computer has repeatedly decided that WordPress is not it’s friend, and so here I am at school blogging during my imprisonment in the library. Now I can’t remember when exactly, but the other day my sister and I went to buy curlers because she decided to curl her hair. Oh I believe this was…Friday? Saturday perhaps? Anyhow, after buying some medium-sized pink ones, we decided to stop at Lucky’s Cake Shop, a nice “sophisticated” cake and drink shop. I got…well, to be honest, I have no idea what it’s made of or what it’s called, only that it’s extremely good. If you’ve ever had Mochi, the outside is basically the same but there’s no ice cream inside, only cake? and uhm, cream? Perhaps. Anyhow, I ate that and ordered a drink with it, since Sabrina was getting a mocha. I decided that ‘Black Currant Bubble’ sounded like Bubble Tea, which I like, so I ordered it. Really it was like a Shirley Temple with something other than Cherry flavor…it was delicious. Like, really really good. While looking at the list of drink options, I wrote down a few because their names amused me: Kumquat Trash Ice, Mint Ice Rule, Plum Fruit Vinegar, Peach More Fruit, Roses Brew Yogurt, Mango Ice a Sand, Nuts Coffee Ice a Sand. So…you can see what I was choosing from. Most of these were under the chic label “Fashion Drinks”, which was news to me. I had no idea that a drink could be fashionable, but it seems they can. Sabrina’s “ice mocha” (literal translation there, she said bing, I know these things) had no ice. One of the things I really don’t understand here is the fact that no one uses ice in any of their drinks…I made a fool of myself at one resturaunt when they served cucumbers with ice and I thought the ice was for our drinks. I grabbed a cube and dropped it in my orange juice and everyone looked at me funny, then started laughing. I hadn’t seen the cucumbers until then, if you were wondering.

Also, when you buy a drink from a “fridge” here at a store, it’s not the same temperature as in America. It’s warmer, so that when you hold the drink it’s slightly cold and when you drink it it tastes only a little chillier than room temperature, which here is generally hot. When you buy ice cream (packaged, of course, drumstick equivilents) it’s always a little warmer than normal, so it’s much more cream than ice. Chocolate’s never a good idea in these cases, always melts and is very sticky.

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