Gold Medals and Great Friends

Well well well, I am very sorry for the lack of posts for the past however-long-it’s-been. Quite a while, I’m sure. More than a week definitely. Anyhow, a lot has happened and I’m sorry to say I can’t write about it all. I’ve posted a lot of new pictures on flickr ( so you should definitely check those out! Today is November first, which means National Novel Writing Month started today, which I’ll be participating in once again. As of right now my word count is 1,475, which is almost reaching my daily word goal of 1,666. For more info on Nano, visit
So what have you all been up to? Watching and rooting for the Giants I hope! I’ve been watching highlights on MLB’s website and I watched game 2 live online. Exciting stuff! Hope you all had a great Halloween, too, I sure did. We had a party at Sang Min’s and it was really, really fun. The past two weeks have been good overall-two weekends ago was Karina’s 17th birthday party, and this past weekend was our Halloween party. Both were incredibly fun! Of all the things that I love about China, the friends I’ve made here would definitely be number one.
Last Friday and Saturday was the Sports Festival. Initially I had signed up for one event–the 100 meter dash. I’m more of a sprinter, long distances tend to kill me. So I was all set and dandy to sprint my one event and be done with it all, when on Wednesday Vala is reading to us what events we’re in and I’m informed that someone (later found out it was Mr. Jung, aka Meiyou Toufa [doesn’t have hair]) had signed me up for the 100, 200, 4×100, 4×400 and High Jump, while some of my friends who had previously signed up for one event found themselves without any at all. Really great, right? Competing in the high jump when you’ve never, ever in your whole life attempted or even thought about high jumping.
So, Friday I was scheduled to run the 100 and participate in the 4×400 relay. Pauline was also running the 100, the two of us (and Moritz) were basically the only international kids doing anything. Based on the lame PE standards we’d experienced, Pauline and I assumed that we wouldn’t have any competition, though as we waited to take our turn we realized that those we ran with might actually be fast. The girl next to me, I was told by her friend, was “as slow as a turtle”, but boy when I started running was she fast! I came in 3rd in my heat, which qualified me to run again in the finals. For this, Meiyou Toufa (that’s what we all call him, he’s this guy who’s always at the international department but who’s actual job is unknown, he’s just always there) gave Pauline and I actual track shoes with spikes. Of course neither of us have ever worn these before, so minutes before we have to run here we are in what I would describe the opposite of heels. Spikes are VERY weird to walk in. Pauline and I were in the same heat for the final (obviously, sorry) and we were freaking out. We were pretty sure we would come in last. And then…
we were off! And I was flying like the wind and pulling ahead of everyone else, I couldn’t see Pauline she was behind me (she had a bad start apparently) and out of the corner of my eye I could see another girl a few lanes down and I just…animal instinct took over! I ran so fast and…
I came in first! And got a gold medal!
So that was the excitement for that day, because from then on it just got worse because I was extremely dehydrated and ended up getting sick from that. But yeah, that was really a good moment for me!
The Halloween party was a fun one, we all dressed up (once again, PLEASE go look at the pictures on flickr! They’re really cute!) and Giulia made authentic Italian spaghetti which was delicious. Then we all went “trick-or-treating” (more of just surprising people because we did it on the 30th) at all the foreign teacher’s houses. It was quite fun. We also watched Corpse Bride! Although Karina and I were the only ones really watching, I forgot how good of a movie that is. We wanted to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show but I couldn’t find any online versions that worked…I really want to see that though, hopefully I’ll be able to buy it somewhere.
Today in class we learned how to describe the type of people we want to be friends with and the ones we don’t want to be–smart, beautiful, cute, passionate, generous, gentle, kind-hearted, strong, cautious and then stupid, ugly, anti-social, stingy, rough, malicious, weak and careless. Vala then asked people randomly who (out of all of us) was the most _____. Much to my surprise, I got most beautiful and smartest ! I was blushing sooooo much, I can’t even…my friends here are so kind! I love them so much, really, this group is just such a great one. We all get along so well and everything just…fits. I’m happy in China and really, that’s all I can ask for.

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