I saw Harry Potter before you did! pt 1

Well basically last night FOURTEEN HOURS BEFORE YOU CALIFORNIANS I went to the midnight premeire of Harry Potter seven part one! I’m really tempted to use smileys because that’s how happy it made me…it was just Karina and I that went, we got there around six and bought our tickets (no buying tickets in advance here) and then just walked around the mall (it’s a Walmart supercenter with a bunch of stores and the movie theatre) for about an hour an a half. After that we bought giant ice creams and sat in KFC for around three hours, just talking. I had been texting Sangmin and he had asked where we were…and then he just showed up randomly. It was really awkward, and he left after like three minutes. I really don’t know what was up with that.
Oh! I dyed my hair! And…well…it was supposed to be dark brown but…it’s pretty black. Sorry Mom! Honestly wasn’t on purpose, my brain just wasn’t functioning when I bought the color…hopefully it’ll fade. Might use a tiny bit of lemon juice but I don’t know…it doesn’t look too bad.
Anyways, back to Harry Potter. We went up to the theatre around ten-thirty or eleven, and sat just waiting anxiously. There were so few people there it was a little unnerving. But yet, we waited. We saw a woman who looked Latina and we sat there debating whether or not she was Chinese…only to have her come up to us. Her name was Lorena and she was originally from Guatamala but grew up in Canada. We all hung out the whole night, being the only foreigners in the theatre. She was really nice, she’s an English teacher, we exchanged phone numbers at the end of the (much longer than expected) night.
So we finally go into the theatre, we’re all excited. There’s assigned seats in Chinese movie theatres, and Lorena’s wasn’t technically next to us but she stole a seat and didn’t get caught. So now it’s eleven fifty-seven and Karina and I are freaking out (we wore Harry Potter gear by the way, will post pics asap) and then we look at our phones and it’s 12:01! And the lights aren’t even out!
Before the movie, a woman with bad acne and braces had ambushed us with “WHERE ARE YOU FROM?” and said she wanted to interview us after the movie because we looked like ‘real Harry Potter fans’. Well, no shit, Karina was wearing a friggin’ Quidditch robe and I had a lightning bolt and glasses. Yes, we’re fans. Yes, we’re foreigners. What else is there to know? The same people who wanted to interview us were taking pictures of the auditorium and then took the first fifteen minutes after the clock struck twelve to give away twenty HP posters in a ticket raffle–one of which Karina won! Which was good, because she actually has a room here to put it in.
but wait! Oh no! I’m being kicked out of the beautiful prison before I can even get to the interesting part! So I’ll blog at Lisa’s and tell you more (going to Nanjing tonight!)

One thought on “I saw Harry Potter before you did! pt 1”

  1. Glad you had fun at the movie…don’t put anything else on your hair, just let it be. post a pic of yourself soon though, so we can all see…Peter can fix it when you get home! XO Mom

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