a taste of Thanksgiving

Well I returned to China all safe and sound, the plane ride by myself was fine and actually moderately enjoyable, I found myself studying for my Chinese test by talking to myself in Chinese whilst looking at my vocab sheet. Ooh look, I changed the header so it’s a picture of a giant line of pocky! It really was a stack but I turned the image sideways so that it would fit. My host mom bought all that a really long time ago…I don’t remember when I took that picture, I’m thinking early September. It’s crazy to believe I’ve been here for three and a half months. Friday was the official eight-weeks-left-to-go mark, which is…hard to believe in some ways, but seems right in others.
Oh deary me, it seems that I forgot to write about Thanksgiving because the last time I posted it had not happened yet. Well, my readers, you’re in for quite a treat because I’m procrastinating studying for my test and will instead recount to you the oh-so-interesting details of my life in China.
Thanksgiving was…unique, to say the least. I doubt I’ll have another like it again any time soon. It was basically ten, eleven? American exchange kids (plus one German guy, he came cause he’s cool haha) at a dinner table in the restaurant that had the amazing quesadillas. We sat waiting and waiting for food and then…out came the ‘salad’ of sorts, mine looked like a face. There were three strips of rolled grilled salmon not-so-drizzled with a green sauce that I later found out (to my dismay) to be wasabi. There was a bushel/furrow/plume/explosion of cabbage and the like, which these three little salmon babies were making a semi-circle around. On top of that lovely wasabi sauce were two onion rings (not fried, but literally rings of an onion) and then on each side cherry tomato halves. It seriously looked like a face. The wasabi ruined it for me, without a doubt.
Second course was either Pumpkin or Butternut Squash soup (sorry mom, I haven’t had either in so long I wasn’t entirely sure!) I think it was pumpkin but Lisa thought butternut..anyhow…
oh man you guys. That soup was one of the best soups of my life. And I am not exagerating. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had our kind of soup for so long, but I donno…it was just delicious.

and now I’m not in a blogging mood, sorry! so I’ll either edit this post later tonight or write an additional one tomorrow at school.

Songs I just found that I think you should check out:
Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine
In For the Kill by La Roux (Skrillix Remix)
Winter Song by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson
Alligator (Toro y Moi Remix) by Tegan and Sara
Dead Cities in Your Heart by Thank You and Goodbye

One thought on “a taste of Thanksgiving”

  1. How is your novel coming along? Will you have time to finish the project? I enjoy reading your writing.
    Aunt Mary Beth

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