Food, Family and Secrets

Well, this post is just going to have whatever I feel like writing, not exactly in chronological order. Sorry. I know I should post more, but I just waited too long, and to tell you every single thing that’s happened would not do. It would simply be too long, and I’ve attempted it three times since I last posted and I just…gave up. So.
I’ve started doing the thing where you eat whenever you’re upset. It’s bad, I know, I’m very lucky I have a high metabolism…cause man, when I have a bad day I go buy Pocky or a roll of Oreos and just shove them in my mouth…I’m not even hungry, nor do I enjoy the taste, I it. It’s something for me to do. I figure it’s better than self-mutilation or something, so… yeah. I just conciously noticed it a few days ago, but I’ve been doing it for a while…it’s pretty sad, my whole life I’ve eaten junk food whenever I’m given the chance but now…I’m given so much junk that I don’t really enjoy eating it anymore. Sometimes I enjoy eating…but not really. I don’t know.
Last week we were transferred into the Senior Department, where all the classes are in Chinese. Originally we were all feeling optimistic about this change, but alas, now we all just sit in class and can’t understand anything or participate. Sometimes I read, or draw, or attempt math, but mostly I just sit and think. I participate in English by correcting the book we use, which is a British-English book written by a Chinese person who is obviously not fluent in English at all. On one of their homework sheets, they had a fill in the blank, and the sentence went a little like “he wasn’t special, he was a ____ person” and the options were ordinary, normal, usual, and average. I informed the teacher that these words all had the same meaning and were synonyms and she said “yes, but they have to choose the best answer” and I said “…but they all are fine” and she laughed and walked away. They also all pronounce advertisement ad-ver-tis-ment, and thought ad-ver-tise-ment sounded super weird… I don’t know. At least I can participate.
My iTouch shattered last week. Someone sat on it during PE (long story) and the screen is completely wrecked. It still turns on and stuff, but the screen has pieces almost falling off…I supposedly (maybe?) have a warranty for the first month from the store, which is up today but the store is remodeling and doesn’t re-open until Wednesday, so I’m going then after school. Hopefully it all works out. If not, well, then I won’t buy another (obviously). Sad though that my other iPod still works just fine (it’s full though) and I’ve had it five years, and then I get the new fancy one and it lasts less than a month. My other iPod has been sat on, dropped, hit with rocks (cause it’s been five years!) and it’s just fine…
With Christmas around the corner, I attempted to go buy presents for my friends over the weekend and ended up buying a few things, along with seventeen notebooks, some for people here, some for friends at home and a few for me. The notebooks here are truly adorable. None of them are just one color or plain or ugly–they’re all beautiful and/or cute. I like it a lot.
On Saturday I was told by my mom and dad we were going out to lunch, I should get dressed. I was already dressed, so I waited for them a bit, and we were off. They had been putting more effort than usual into their appearance so I was confused, but when I asked again they repeated–“we’re going to lunch!” And so I find that we’re driving to Grandma’s house, and I think maybe we’re eating at her place but no, she gets into the car and we drive for forty-five minutes and we get to the place where the other wedding was and there’s a lot of cars there. I think “oh, we’re going to a nice brunch! cool!” and then as we walk in I see wedding signs.
….so I was surprised with a wedding, wearing my plain black shirt and jeans. People commonly wear jeans to weddings here, but still, I was embarrassed. Oh well. The wedding wasn’t as nice as the one I was in and I’m not altogether sure who got married, I had never met anyone there before. Someone on my dad’s side of the family, that’s all I knew. The groom was sort of awkward looking but the bride looked nice.
Oh great, I’m doing the eating thing now…I seriously need to stop…
I just went on this week’s PostSecrets (if you don’t know what these are, you should really go check them out– and one made me feel better, “My best friend lives on the other side of the world, I hope she sees this and knows I love her”
probably wasn’t directed to me, but thanks anyways, it did.

9 thoughts on “Food, Family and Secrets”

  1. You know, about that English multiple choice question, there really is only one right answer because it is preceded by “a” so it has to begin with a consonant, not a vowel. Therefore, only “normal” is acceptable.
    Mary Beth

  2. Hey Miranda. Sorry. Yeah. I am a total stranger. I know its kinda weird. I am currently a high school student who applied for an exchange year in Korea- and I was wondering. How does it feel to be a white female in asia? I’m not trying to be racist at all- I just want to know if there are any problems or things I might struggle with? anything I should be aware of? I’ve heard things about outspoken women having a hard time. If this is kinda weird- sorry! you dont have to respond I’m just wondering πŸ™‚ thank you so much and I really enjoy your blog πŸ˜€

    1. Hi!
      Being a white female in Asia just gets you a LOT of attention. Walking around, people will look at you more and you’ll definitely stand out (especially if you’re tall like me). A lot of people here believe that if you’re white you’re automatically beautiful (which isn’t true, but is a great confidence booster). Korea definitely is a male-dominated society and culture (as you’ve read one of my best friends is Korean) and so it could potentially be difficult for you to deal with sexism. There’s sexism in China as well, and gender roles are much more dominant and obvious than in America. Of course there’s always exceptions. Outspoken women I think would potentially have a hard time in Korea…I can ask Sangmin if you’d like? Thanks for reading my blog! c:

      1. Hahaha well who doesn’t like a confidence booster?? πŸ˜› Yeah I’ve heard a lot of stories about the different level of respect in asia coinciding with bold opinions and blah blah. I hope it wont be too much of a problem for me… And that would could be great if you could ask him :D. I was also wondering about learning an asian language (ie the different alphabet and sounds)- is it really hard? Any advice? Sorry for all my questions especially because they’re kind of random and vague… but You’re welcome and thankya for replying ^^ keep up the great work and I hope the rest of your exchange is fantastico πŸ˜€

  3. Hey a noni moose, I can’t reply to your comment for some reason, so I’ll just reply here.
    I asked him and he said that you probably won’t have any problems with the younger generation, the old people are the generally more sexist ones. Bold opinions in China at least are discouraged, as people are looked at as a group and the culture doesn’t value the individual at all. It’s extremely hard to learn an Asian language, not going to lie. I think Chinese and Thai are the hardest personally, but Korean is also really tough (Sangmin tried to teach me Korean and that failed..). Luckily though, Korean DOES have an alphabet so that should help you. I would recommend getting a head start on the language before you go though, because people who know a little bit will be much more comfortable starting out than those who don’t know a word.
    Have a great day!

    1. Awesomeness. Did you know any chinese before you left? Are you fairly fluent now? I have to say, it makes me a little sad that you’re leaving. Your blog has provided me with some good up-s and down-s of doing an exchange and Its been really interesting! However, I can imagine that you’re excited to go home- and thats good too πŸ˜€ Anyways, thanks for your great advice. I hope you enjoy the last of your time in China and I hope you enjoy going home πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      Save Travels and thank you soooo much!!

      1. Before I came here I had studied Chinese for three years but I’m the only person at my school who had any prior knowledge of the language. It makes me sad that I’m leaving too! Trust me.
        And you’re welcome! I’m really happy that you’ve enjoyed reading my blog (:

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