When this blog first started, Miranda was a 15-year-old foreign exchange student studying Mandarin in Changsha, Hunan, China. She attended the Tongshenghu International Experimental School and lived with the Xiao Family from August 2010 – January 2011.

changsha fam

Now she is a 23-year-old First Grade Teacher in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. She lives with one of her Chinese exchange sisters, Ruiwen, who is a Guangzhou native.


She graduated from Lewis & Clark College in 2017 with a major in Sociology & Anthropology and minors in Asian Studies and Music. She has studied Mandarin since 2007.

Her hobbies and interests include songwriting, drawing, reading nonfiction, behavioral economics, ethnomusicology, and astrology.


Views expressed in blog posts from 2010 and 2011 may contain sentiments she no longer agrees with, but are kept intact for purposes of accurate reflection and representation of self-growth.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi! Your dad’s Aunt Kathy sent me your blog addie. What a great experience! Jake and I haven’t seen you since our wedding (2002) but look forward to following your adventures. I had to look up what a Pocky is and plan to try some after our next grocery trip.

    Best wishes :: 祝你好运

  2. Hi Miranda-

    I hadn’t been keeping up with your posts but Judy Carter told me your blog is a “must read.”….she was right! Love your entries, photos, sense of humor, detailed accounts of your experience and yes, especially the sarcasm. We’ve been talking w/Tyler recently about the idea of doing a similar thing…what’s your take? Any advantages to doing it sooner than later? Has AFS been a good organization to work through? Thanks for any advice to sternbergjim@gmail.com. Keep those witty posts coming and you are so adventurous to doing this as a HS sophomore. You rock!

  3. Hey…I am on an exchange in Italy this year. I was just wondering how the language is coming along for you? Looks like your having a great time. I enjoyed reading your blog!

    1. My Italian friend says:
      dove sei di bello in Italia?

      and the language is coming along okay for me, I had three years of Chinese lessons prior to this. What about you? How’s Italian coming along? thanks for reading my blog!

  4. Hi! how are you? I want to go to china with AFS the next year , I expect that your blog help me to how is all there ^^



  5. Hi Miranda!
    I am thinking of going to China next year (through AFS) but I had a couple of questions. Reading your blog was also very interesting, it seems like you had a lot of fun! Do you think that I can get your email so I can contact you?

    much appreciated :),

  6. Hey Miranda! I never actually saw you had blog before but I suppose it’s the only one from China! Now I guess you’re totally back home and it may or may not already be on summer break. I’ve got a little less than a month and I can NOT believe it. As I have so many times during this experience, I feel I am quite possibly going insane. I don’t understand how it can be possible. Not only have I came here, but now I have to go back? And get all readjusted again? I’m not sure but it seems it could actually be harder. Anyway, I hope everything’s good for you at home, maybe we can talk (and I can get a chance to read more of this blog? It seems some things have been rather similar, haha, Pocky?^-^) some other time. 或者是,我们可以用汉字写。哈哈,你忘记了多少?

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